Village of Westmont, IL Meeting Follow Up

Following the public hearing for the proposed Southwest Business District TIF district in the Village of Westmont that took place this past Tuesday evening, little new information was gained. The information we reported earlier on the school districts coming to an agreement with the Village and the re-drawing of the TIF district southern boundary was confirmed during the hearing.

A concern we came away with from the meeting, is the lack of developers that have confirmed they would be developing in the TIF district, once it was approved.

Some residents addressed concerns about the TIF district and potential debt related issues for the Village. However, after receiving responses from the Village's consultant, many appeared pleased with the answers they received.

The Village Board appears set to move forward approving the TIF district.

It is clear that much more work needs to be done to educate citizens on TIF districts and the impact it can have on communities.

- Open Local Illinois Staff