Welcome to our resource page. Here you will find documents and other useful information regarding civic education as well as civic engagement.

Reading Resources:

A Citizen’s Guide to Open Government, E-Government, and Government 2.0, from the University of North Carolina School of Government, it is a great compiled list of organizations, blogs, guides, and tools to help citizens and public service leaders better understand the Open Government, E-Government, and Government 2.0 movement.

A Practical Guide to Successful Civic Engagement: A Tool for Building Trust Between Citizens and Government, prepared by the Hampton Roads Center for Civic Engagement. The guide is a great tool for public agencies, state and local government departments, and others interested in exploring better civic engagement. Please take the time visit their website to see the other great work the Hampton Roads Center for Civic Engagement is doing.

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Resources:

We have assembled an extensive list to help you determine whom you should contact for FOIA requests for the various agencies and departments in the state of Illinois & the City of Chicago.

Understanding Your Local Government Resources:

Illinois State Statute Resources:

Your School Resources